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Planning your estate is one of the most important things you can do for your family. It can give everyone peace of mind about the uncertain future. Taking the time to detail your wishes can save your family from heartache down the line. Hallberg Law is here to help individuals plan their estate in and around Dahlonega, GA. If you've been named executor of someone else's will or trust, our attorney can assist with that as well.

What can you do with an estate plan?

What can you do with an estate plan?

Wills and trusts are the main methods for estate planning. With these documents, you can make sure everything is set in stone when you pass away. Choose Hallberg Law for estate planning assistance, and you can:

  • Determine who takes over your business
  • Decide who inherits money and property
  • Choose your children's legal guardians
  • Provide directives for your medical care

With an in-depth estate plan, you can make sure your wishes are made known after you pass away. This will make for an easier probate process for your family. Whether you need our attorney for planning or probate, contact our office today.

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