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The adoption process is a happy one. You're bringing a new child into your family to give them a wonderful new life. Unfortunately, legalities and other red tape tend to get in the way of a smooth process. Don't fret - Hallberg Law helps individuals and couples in the Dahlonega area navigate the complicated adoption system.

Taking the legal worries off of your plate

Taking the legal worries off of your plate

The adoption process is an extremely emotional one. All you want is to unite with a child that you can care for and love for the rest of your life. Count on our adoption attorney to assist with every part of the process, so you don't have to bear the legal technicalities on top of the emotional weight. Hallberg Law is more than happy to assist with:

  • Paperwork and document filing
  • Court hearings
  • Parental termination hearings

Work with an experienced attorney for your adoption case and speed up the process. Schedule a consultation at our Dahlonega office today.

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